Products and Pricing

vapor vent


This device is equivalent to a dehumidifier, it removed moisture from the air with a very low power requirement. As the heat and fans dry wet materials the moisture must be removed from the enclosure

air mover


Three speed adjustable fan, tilts at 45 and 90 degree angles. The same as a fan but sometime better for flooring such as carpet.

air scrubber


Circulates and cleans air with two stage (HEPA) filter system as well as dust and odor control. Air movement can create many invisible potentially unhealthy particles. It is best to filter and clean the circulating air.

axial fan


High performance fan engineered for maximum air flow, stackable and light for easy transportation. Needed to move heat and energize the wet materials

eliminator electric heater


Compact heat dryer, comes with thermostat to control heat output. Heat is essential to drying. It is the most effective and efficient way to dry anything.



Zip poles and plastic are used to sanction off affected areas to direct and contain heat and air movement. The price is dependent on square feet of plastic needed and number of zip poles required for support.